Harbor Mystery Cruise

A voyage you will not forget

  • Explore the sites and sounds of New York harbor! Experience the maritime mysteries of New York Harbor! 
  • Mysteries galore! Listen to Captain Louie Garbone tell stories of alien abductions and shipwrecks from the disappearance of the Maria crew to the sunken Staten Island Ferry said to have been attacked by a giant octopus!
  • Selfie package! Half price charge on all selfies/photos taken with your camera on weekdays!
  • Sail the harbor and see the site of the vanished crew of Tugboat Maria!
  • Free commemorative T-shirt with each cruise! 
  • Access to Liberty Island (bathing suits strongly suggested).
  • Re-enactment cruises available on special nights. Put yourself in the rubbers of the Maria crew and come face to face with hostile invaders!
  • Night Cruises available for couples! Take a romantic tug boat cruise around the harbor! Price includes dinner for two (meat loaf or hot dog), chips of your choice and "little green rose."
  • Kids! Come meet and greet with Albert The Alien! Take a picture, get an autograph, but don't touch his probe!

Harbor Mystery Cruise Enterprises has partnered with the Tim Mills Memorial Foundation in the quest for the truth - 10% of all proceeds will be donated to the Tim Mills Memorial Fund.

Tickets can be purchased at

Clinton Castle located in Battery Park.

Learn  the Truth about New York's UFO Cover Up